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FWB - Feinwerkbau 601 .177  Air Rifles
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FWB - Feinwerkbau 601 .177 Air Rifles

£ 610

FWB 601 LEFT HAND 2ND USER MATCH RIFLE IN REASONABLE CONDITION. PROBABLY BETTER THAN REASONABLE. Regardless, shoots well (above 5.5ftlb when we tested) Come on lefties rare item these days

Weihrauch hw100bp .177  Air Rifles
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Weihrauch hw100bp .177 Air Rifles

£ 995

HW100 BP .177 SOFT TOUCH BULLPUP SECOND USER 3 months old . Previous owner px for a verminator and then changed it for a Wildcat so, it looks as though he changes his guns…

Daystate Pulsar .22  Air Rifles
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Daystate Pulsar .22 Air Rifles

£ 980

Daystate Pulsar .22 One previous owner Jim from Worsop...a splendid fellow...rather good at turning wood. Don`t know what his shooting is like but his wife makes a good cup of tea. Anyway, not…

FWB - Feinwerkbau 300S .177  Air Rifles
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FWB - Feinwerkbau 300S .177 Air Rifles

£ 400

SORRY THIS IS SOLD HOWEVER, it is worth making contact, as we have these in from time to time but this model sells very quickly. We service all match rifles…

Original Mod 6M .177  Air Pistols
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Original Mod 6M .177 Air Pistols

£ 399

A classic gun in fantastic condition. Some light marks but nothing super serious.

Logun S-16 .22  Air Rifles
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Logun S-16 .22 Air Rifles

£ 475

Distinctive and characteristic. The Logun S-16 has its own style and is a great gun to boot. This second hand version is in great condition and shoots like a dream. Give the Logun S-16 and google…

BSA SuperTen .22  Air Rifles
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BSA SuperTen .22 Air Rifles

£ 450

Another BSA SuperTen up for sale! In lovely condition, really stands out from the crowd. Comes with a free strap and is in great condition. Give us a ring if you are interested!