SMK - Sportsmarketing Victory CP2 .177 Air Rifles

£ 180
Type: Air Guns
Category: Air Rifles


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An absolutely amazing piece of kit that has been selling like hotcakes. You get so much for your money it's hard to believe!

The CP2 is a two in one device, it is a pistol and a rifle, all in the same box. Simply chance the stock and the barrel and you can easily swap the function of the gun.

With this in mind the CP2 is incredibly light, which makes it a perfect gun for a bit of fun, those who find normal rifles too heavy and shooters who are new to the sport.

In the box you get 2 multi-shot magazines, 2 barrels, a sound moderator and the gun itself.

They come in .177 or .22 and in camo or black, depending on your preference.

CO2 powered for convenience and to save on weight.

We have been selling these like crazy so send us a message while stocks last!


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